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Sarah Raban

Sarah Raban, a recent transplant to the Old Brooklyn neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio – would like nothing more than – through painting and drawing – to joyously explore her world in as many colors as possible. She is inspired by the many facets of the idea of “home” – from objects she has chosen to surround herself with, to the landscapes and cityscapes.
For Sarah, art is the vehicle to most thoroughly and consciously engage with, explore and decipher the universe. Like lucid dreaming, art allows her to reframe her relationship with the world and communicate that new relationship with the viewer.
Sarah has been making art since the Mr. Sketch black marker smelled of licorice, and wants above all to continue making art.

My art is my expression of essential curiosity about how the world works. I use the creative process to communicate with and through the materials I use, and my worldview evolves through this dialogue. The world I know through art is a beautiful place; intricate and absurd, swimming in color, sensually curved, full of delicate machinery capable of anything.
These are my love notes. Sometimes to subjects not known or understood even after completion. To the feel of the materials. To the tools in my hand. To the images blessing my eyes. My love notes end in question marks, sometimes with a smile and/or a wink. These are my conversations with the world, and I invite you to join.

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