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Sarah Isenhart

Sarah Isenhart (Diné) finds joy in transformations. In her work with various media, including embroidery, collage and installation, she creates dialogues between spaces, materials, and the viewers. Her interdisciplinary background from The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago allows her to seamlessly blend elements of sculpture, textiles and installation to create works that are visually striking and emotionally resonant.

Process is integral to her work of transformation. She takes the familiar and presents it in new, unexpected, and dynamic ways through her repetitive and obsessive edits to materials. Her work is a reflection of her deep connection to the world around her. She is inspired by the beauty and complexity of nature and the human experience, and seeks to connect with her audience on a deep and meaningful level.

Through her art she challenges the perceptions of space with texture and volume. She seeks to redefine the worlds we inhabit, using familiar materials in new ways to create vibrant, tactile spaces that invite you to step into a new realm.

In this transformative process, the art itself becomes a reflection of the journey, both for the artist and the audience, allowing for deeper self-exploration and connection with the world at large. Through the conduit of her processes, Sarah Isenhart’s art is a transformative experience for both artist and audience alike.

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