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Dana Dzurko



Dana Dzurko is an Ohio native currently living in the Cleveland area. She attended Bowling Green State University and finished her B. A. with a concentration in painting and photography at Ursuline College. Dana has had a photograph published in The Best of College Photography Annual issue. Her photographs as well as her paintings have been in local galleries and restaurants. She also did murals for local businesses and personal residences while raising her two children with her husband.

Dana was called to create at an early age. Drawing and photography were a way of escaping everyday stress for her. While navigating life’s hardships, deaths and illnesses she realized the importance of finding and capturing joy. Dana started to create and began to heal. Her mission is to find joy and light wherever she can, creatively reflecting those values and share it with you.

Dana’s works are meant to ignite your soul, inspire, and bring a sense of delight to you and your spaces.


I am influenced by Wabi-sabi, finding peace in imperfection. These imperfections can be found everywhere, such as a flower blooming in a crack in the sidewalk, an old door with it’s chips and rusted patina and even in people. These “flaws” are actually beautiful to me. They are what makes things unique. I want to help people embrace their uniqueness and to find joy in them.

My paintings and photography style is not limited to one particular art movement but, a combination of many.

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