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You can manage your individual artist profile, organization or venue profile, post and edit events, bookmark your favorite listings, and more. To return to your dashboard at any time, click “My Account” in the upper right corner.

If this is your first time submitting an event, you will need to create an organization or business profile, or if you are an artist, you will need to create an artist profile. You can do all of that using the links to the left.

BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR ORGANIZATION PROFILE: Please visit our Organization Directory to make sure your org isn’t already listed. If you need to access an existing organization profile, please contact us at to associate your new user account with the existing profile.


In an effort to streamline the event submission process, the “Dates & Times” section, normally found on Step 2 of the form, has been moved to Step 1.

IMPORTANT: If your event has been cancelled or postponed, please keep your event on the site and simply update the title to say at the end (Cancelled) or (Postponed).


If you need assistance, please contact: