LatinUs Theater Company

LatinUs Theater Company




 2937 west 25th, Cleveland, OH 44113

LatinUs Theater Company, Inc., was formed and registered in the state of Ohio in January 2018 to fulfill the growing need for a Hispanic/Latino artistic space for our voice, cultural expressions and artistic manifestations in Northeast Ohio.

Our passion is to improve the cultural experience and quality of life of the Hispanic community of the Clark-Fulton neighborhood area and Latin American population in Greater Cleveland providing access to genuine Theater works in Spanish that promotes and protect our culture and traditions through theater.

We strongly believe that improving access to quality and genuine artistic expressions to fit our community will improve the dignity of a neighborhood that has been impoverished through the decades. Since the Hispanic community has been losing their identity, traditions and cultural stories, LatinUs theater company envisions to be the organization that will bring back cultural pride and consciousness.