Call for New Members - Young Playwrights Collectiv...

Call for New Members - Young Playwrights Collectiv...

Posted by Playwrights Local

Posted: Jan, 12, 2018

Call for Artists


 2624 Idlewood Road, Seven Hills, OH, 44131

The Young Playwrights Collective is searching for a diverse group of new and emerging playwrights to join their collective! Click here to access our application.

Are you between the ages of 22 and 35, currently residing in Northeast Ohio, serious about the art of playwriting, and looking for a community to encourage and inspire your work? If so, the YPC wants to hear from you!

Our Mission: The Young Playwrights Collective, a group of Playwrights Local, is a community of early-career playwrights who support each other through feedback, network development, and the creation and pursuit of various production opportunities.

Our Vision: The Young Playwrights Collective (YPC), with the support of Playwrights Local, will create a network across Northeast Ohio with other early-career theatre-makers. Alongside mentors who are established in their field, these artists will grow and develop in their work, creating theatre in a supported community. The YPC will be an active part of Playwrights Local: producing work for readings, workshops, and productions; planning community events; volunteering; and attending performances. At Playwrights Local, and throughout northeast Ohio, the YPC will be recognized as the training grounds for promising new playwrights.