Aug 20 2021
Oct 17 2021
Heights Arts presents Printers Select exhibition

Heights Arts presents Printers Select exhibition

Presented by HeightsArts at HeightsArts

When we think of art, it’s easy to think of a painting hanging in a museum, or a large sculpturein a park. But art comes in so many forms, and to close out 2021, a year where art has meant somuch more, Heights Arts would be remiss not to feature unique art forms in the store andgallery space on Lee Road.In the gallery, print media is being highlighted through the Printer’s Select exhibition, running through October 17th.

Curated by Liz Maugans, one of Northeast Ohio’s most treasured artists,the show features art from six never-before-showcased artists in the Heights Arts gallery, who were also tasked with bringing in a special second artist for the exhibition-someone who touched their lives and studies. Hannah Manocchio, J. Leigh Garcia, Orlando Caraballo, Anna Tararova, Shadi Ayoub, and Omid Shekari are the original artists chosen. They plan to bring in Sampson the Artist, Nina Battaglia, Ed Lugo, Amirah Cunningham, Bob Kelemen, and Kristina Paabus, respectfully. Each artist has a rich understanding and appreciation of the print media world, a world still so new and evolving today.

“The polarities, interventions, technical processes and intersections that exists in print media;the commercial and fine art, political and protest his/her stories, the abstract and representational and the unique print and the ones that are widely disseminated all fuel the energy of this deliberately delicious round up of artists in their etchings, lithographs, Risographs, screen prints, monotypes, and letterpress/relief prints,” says Maugans.

Print media can come in many forms, perhaps most widely known through the graphic design lens. However, this medium has expanded over the years, combining with other forms like paintings, mixed media, and even sculpture work to convey the artists complex stories. For artist Anna Tararova, print media is her attempt to make sense of the gray, disconnected areas of life.

“There is an urgent need for humanity to reconnect with nature in order to experience a harmonious and peaceful existence. I have been searching for a way to express this idea through my artwork and found it in paper making,” she explains. “Paper made from plants and recycled materials could be a sustainable solution to many ecological and economical problems the world is facing today. Using fiber that was sourced locally also contributes to my work conceptually by creating a connection between subject and place.”

The Printers Select exhibition runs in the HeightsArts gallery through October 17, alongside the Spotlight Showcase from Nicole Schneider, another talented print artist. Guests are welcome to view it in-person.

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2021/08/20 - 2021/10/17

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2175 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118