Mar 27 2020
Revealed 2020 Opening Reception: Emily Duke and Ch...

Revealed 2020 Opening Reception: Emily Duke and Ch...

Presented by The Sculpture Center at The Sculpture Center

Join us in our opening reception for the Revealed Emerging Artist Series featuring works from Emily Duke and Chelsea A! Flowers.

Emily Duke, Title to be decided

Artist Statement
My artist practice takes the form of installations, discreet ceramic objects and performative video. Within my sculptures, assemblages of posed geometric forms, printed curtains and steel armatures build physical and metaphorical spaces that reference surreal, domestic landscapes. These thematic tableaus serve as a ground for experiencing the performative presence of sculptural objects. The subjects I choose to employ in my work relate to my ongoing research into historical superstitions and American folklore. This research is driven by my interest in linking the agency of objects with the human body as catalyst. I am in pursuit to find the potential in a solitary lemon, to discover what hides within a mirror, and experience the misfortune of a single burning candle. Through this inquiry, I hope to find answers to the irrational, unknowable and blurry future.

Chelsea A! Flowers’s “Laughing Out Loudly”

Artist Statement
Using art as a method of inspection for the many questions about my existence, my visibility in society is my current investigation. I am plagued with the question, ‘what does it mean to see someone?’ And“how do I find visibility and community when/where I am not seen?” Through the various stand up comedy routines, and performative works such as Thanks for the Memories, Check Point, and A War On Partying, I create moments of engagement by creating simulacrum installation of a game room, and comedy/karaoke club. Through comedic performances and installations that create a community where hierarchies are disbanded and people can engage with one another, enjoy themselves, find empathy through entertainment, and have their humanity acknowledged.

Admission Info

Free Admission

Dates & Times

2020/03/27 - 2020/03/27

Additional time info:

Due to the Coronavirus, this opening has been postponed to a later date tbd.

Location Info

The Sculpture Center

1834 E. 123rd Street, Cleveland, OH 44106