Allen Friedman

Allen Friedman


   100 fox hollow drive #404, Cleveland, OH, 44124

Allen Friedman is an Artist whose work spans the disciplines of Music and Sculpture. As an innovative designer, he absorbs all that is around him, interprets it and creatively reinvents it.
The beauty of the ocean has inspired many a creative artist. Allen Friedman is among them. An artist and sculptor by trade, Friedman has tapped more than two decades of experience in a sheet-metal shop to create custom metal sculptures via his company, Friedman Artistry.

Friedman hand-shapes mirror polished stainless steel into stunning designs inspired by the ocean waves and stars.
The work reflects light, shape and formed radiance.
The result Is quite fascinating. The glimmer of ocean waves reflects itself in the hand worked steel as it now is transferred on to the observer. The shapes and surfaces Illuminating the room attest to the mastery of art, form and design. The work conveys movement from all angles and provides a unique abstract fusion that reaches far beyond the ordinary.