Alan Burton Tucker

Alan Burton Tucker

Painting - Visual Artist - Drawing, Printmaking (Monotypes, Digital Prints)



   2471 Lee Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH, 44118

The artworks I create stand on a shifting border between a corporeal, physical reality and a fantastical, distorted one. I invite the viewer to experience this as a kinesthetic bridge. Some works are large scale projecting a created world into a real one. Smaller scale pieces are more intimate places to step into and inhabit.
The media I use are integral to achieving these visual conceptions. In one series of drawings I use graphite and charcoal in various forms with modelling paste on a flat-black ground. The contrasting shimmery and flat and/or feathery and weighty aspects of the variegated surface imbue the work with an ephemeral quality. In another series of mono prints there is an atmospheric and lyrical presence.
My most recent work has been created in digital format. I begin with sourcing a small texture or pattern. Then I copy, flip and invert this in numerous interconnected repetitions to create an entirely new pattern. I manipulate this pattern anamorphically with results referring to human, animal or inanimate forms.
There is a dichotomy between the monumental quality of the finished work and the tiny, intricate patterns that it is built upon. The viewer experiences a vacillation between the weighty, imposing large-scale form seen from a distance, and its buoyant and ephemeral presence seen close up. These divergent and contrasting qualities express my enduring interest in creating work that reflects the simultaneous vast and granular nature of the world.