Jessica Howard

Jessica Howard



   13913 West Ave, Cleveland, OH, 44111

In my work I hope to provide a moment of contemplation of how our lives are often reflected in the natural world. I find comfort in observing the cycles of our surroundings. Everything fluctuates, rises and falls, is born, dies and is reborn—This is true of our bodies and mental states as well. The struggles and successes we experience as humans are no different than the frog who catches a large fly, or the whitetail bucks who lock antlers during rut.

I’m also interested in the idea of magic, as in the act of tapping into the unknown for insight or to influence an event or initiate a change. In my work I suggest that the natural world is separate from the world constructed by man and can act as a conduit to the unknown. Through a combination of digital and traditional media, it illustrates a world often unseen by others. The insect and animal forms I use are those that move elusively around us, hidden by layers of overgrowth. The act of catching them demands patience, subtlety, and awareness of how you yourself move through your surroundings.