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Summer Videographer Internship-Paid

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Summer Videographer Internship-Paid




Videographer Paid Internship Summer 2019 –  Arts Intern through the Studio Institute

For rising Cleveland junior or senior with significant financial need

The Sculpture Center will hire an applicant who is highly proficient in documentary videography to make short videos featuring past exhibiting sculptors, The Sculpture Center, its founders, and key community supporters. The intern needs to be well organized, goal oriented, and able to develop a plan of action. The intern must supply h/her own high quality videography and sound recording equipment and editing software. The intern must be self-confident, outgoing, and comfortable reaching out to strangers through email, phone calls, and face-to-face conversations. Preference will be given to applicants who have a strong interest in the arts, rather than commercial videography.

The intern will work directly with the Executive Director + Chief Curator.

Responsibilities will include the following: 

  • Make est. four short videos (2-3 minutes each) about past exhibiting sculptors and about The Sculpture Center, our founders, and community supporters that can be put on our website and used for marketing and grant applications and reports.
  • Assist with the installation and deinstallation of the summer group exhibition, After the Pedestal, the 12th exhibition of Small Sculpture from the Region, and fully understand the works of art in the exhibition in order to market it to visitors and in video. 
  • Working some Saturday afternoons as the galleries supervisor, with time off during the week. 

Internships last 9 weeks (June 10 – August 9), and interns work 28 hours a week. Interns will be paid $15.00 per hour for a total of $3,780. In addition to working at The Sculpture Center, Arts Interns must participate in the education component of the program, which is spread out across nine program days throughout the summer. These days will be used to visit other Cleveland institutions, where the Interns will have the opportunity to learn about other jobs in the field. These days will also be used to complete program assignments. Students are paid for this by the Studio Institute.

Eligibility for this internship.

  1. Students must be enrolled full time as an undergraduate junior or senior in the Fall following the summer program. This means when you apply, you should be a rising junior or senior, or finishing senior year the following Fall.
  1. Students must meet the residency requirements: Attend college in Cleveland, or live within Cleveland or the boundary established by the Inner Ring Suburbs.
  1. Students must have an Expected Family Contribution, of less than $5000. This number is on your FAFSA form, to see what it looks like — click here.

This internship is offered through the Studio Institute (New York). Application begins at their website. When you have been approved as per the requirements listed below, you will get in touch directly with The Sculpture Center.

Applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis. Apply immediately.