Seeking Managing Director (Full-Time)

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Seeking Managing Director (Full-Time)




Managing Director (Full-Time)
Posted 9/29/2020
Salary: $50,000-$55,000

(Remote position during Covid-19)

Together with Bill Rudman, Artistic Director (AD), The Musical Theater Project’s Managing Director leads TMTP’s local and national efforts to foster a deep appreciation of the classic American musical and the social and cultural history that surrounds it. To do this, TMTP:

  • PRODUCES original programming that both entertains and educates audiences
  • PRESERVES the significant contributions of musical theater artists
  • INSPIRES audiences across generations to make personal connections with this uniquely American art form

Broadly, the Managing Director:

  • Serves as co-collaborator (led by the AD) with the two Associate Artistic Directors (Active Learning and Guided Learning) in conceiving and implementing all TMTP programs and operations
  • Oversees, supervises and collaborates with TMTP staff on planning, resource development, marketing, communications and community engagement
  • With the AD, the Managing Director plans, directs, monitors and assesses TMTP’s programs, resource development and strategic initiatives and supervises day-to-day operations in finance and constituent relations

More specifically:
 Strategic Planning/Initiatives

  • With the AD, the Managing Director provides leadership in developing programs and organizational and financial plans with the Board of Trustees
  • Coordinates and manages ongoing planning processes
  • Measures, monitors and reports progress against strategic and annual goals

Guided Learning

  • The Managing Director, in close collaboration with the AD and Associate Artistic Director of Guided Learning, develops plans for Guided Learning programs and oversees implementation, providing for continuity in pre-production, production and post-production activities that help  to assure high quality performance activities and audience service.

Active Learning

  • The Managing Director, in close collaboration with the AD and Associate Artistic Director of Active Learning, oversees the planning and successful implementation of a strategic direction for these programs. This includes program design, programmatic goals, resource development, institutional partnerships, internal scheduling, management and communications systems.
  • With the Associate Artistic Director/Active Learning, the Managing Director serves as liaison to the Board of Trustees and its Committees/Task Forces, including the Executive Committee and the Active Learning Task Force.

Audience Development, Services and Community Relations

  • In close collaboration with the AD and the Director of Marketing, the Managing Director oversees and helps develop implementation strategies to enhance and expand participation in TMTP’s programs
  • Oversees planning for the marketing, publicity and promotion of TMTP’s activities, programs and goals
  • Creates assessment strategies for TMTP programs to aid organizational planning and reporting

Relational Fundraising and Development

  • In close collaboration with the AD and Director of Development and Community Relations, the Managing Director develops planning and implementation for broad-based contributed income support to sustain TMTP in both the short and long term. This includes all necessary pre- and active planning toward Membership support, Legacy Giving and all of TMTP’s capital needs, and grant writing when needed
  • Collaborates with key Board leadership
  • Provides timely reports to the AD, Board leadership and Board of Trustees


  • In close collaboration with the AD, Administrative Consultant and staff, the Managing Director manages the organizational budget and financial reporting to the AD, Board leadership and Board of Trustees. This includes financial operations and the obtaining and implementing of financial data.
  • In close collaboration with the Administrative Consultant, the Managing Director oversees the TMTP bookkeeper and serves as liaison with the TMTP auditors, ensuring compliance with federal, state and local regulations and maintaining official records, documents and reports.

Constituent Relations

  • Along with the AD, the Managing Director represents TMPT in the community, at professional conferences (unless focused on Active Learning) and other workshops or official meetings, assuming a leadership role in establishing strong working relationships and collaborative arrangements with volunteers, donors, community partners and other individuals and organizations, both locally and nationally.


  • Position reports to TMTP Artistic Director Bill Rudman.


  • Solid knowledge of and demonstrated love for the classic American musical (as opposed to contemporary);
  • At least 7-10 years in supervisory positions;
  • A deep knowledge of the Cleveland community; and
  • B.A. required, M.B.A. preferred

Resumes/Cover Letters should be submitted NO LATER THAN October 12, 2020 to