Request for Proposals: Art in Public Places Momentum INTER/ACTIVE Projects

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Request for Proposals: Art in Public Places Momentum INTER/ACTIVE Projects


Overview / Project Intent:
Momentum, a program of The Arts Commission, presented in partnership with Toledo Symphony Orchestra, ProMedica and other cultural institutions, organizations, and businesses of greater Downtown Toledo brought over 17,000 people to Promenade Park in 2017. Momentum features a free concert with the Toledo Symphony Orchestra, artist demonstrations, food trucks, and activities in Promenade Park September 13-15 2018. The
INTER/ACTIVE projects were a highly successful component of the festival allowing participants to
observe, engage, interact and create.

INTER/ACTIVE projects will take place on City of Toledo properties – first appearing during the 2018 Momentum weekend within Promenade Park and along the river and may be asked to appear at other Arts Commission events. We are looking for highly interactive, community-driven, collaborative works of art that are accessible to the public and civic in scope. We will also consider the utilization of performing art projects that have an interactive component.

In the first round of INTER/ACTIVE, The Arts Commission sought proposals for highly interactive, community-driven, collaborative works of art that are accessible to the public and civic in scope. These projects involve the spectator in a variety of activities including contributing to a giant storybook, casting metal objects with a mobile foundry, a giant interactive video game and an exploration of identity.

What are Interactive Art Projects?
“Interactive art” can mean different things depending on the context. We are looking for some of the following features:

● Art that requires human interaction to complete the piece
● Art that involves the community and the audience in its creation, presentation and display
● Art that prompts the viewer to act

● Art that can be approached, touched, heard or experienced, as well as viewed.
● Art that prompts people to interact with one another
● Art that responds to participants and its environment
● Art that causes the viewer to reflect on the larger community
● Art that challenges the viewers’ traditional perspective on art

What we are not looking for?
Although we are open to any media, these are some examples that fall outside of the scope of this

● Static work, such as sculpture, with no interactive component
● Gallery work, such as paintings that are passively experienced
● Film that is passively experienced
● Entrepreneurial endeavors

We are open to your ideas. If your work is collaborative and participatory, regardless of the medium, please feel free to apply or email with questions.

Individual artists, teams or collectives are eligible to apply.

The competition is open to all artists working within a 150 mile radius ( from Toledo, OH regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, or physical or mental disability.

What can I expect if I am awarded a grant?
A total of 3 awarded grantees will receive up to $5,000 per project. Grantees will receive their first funding in May of 2018, and are expected to complete their project within the proposed, agreed upon timeline. The payment schedule for each grant is specific to the project. Each artist is responsible for obtaining liability insurance for the presentation of the project in Promenade Park. The Arts Commission is committed to working with each artist to arrive at a schedule that best suits the needs of the artist and the project including insurance needs. Generally, grants are awarded in two payments
over the course of project, with the first payment sent on signing of an agreement and a second
payment being contingent on a report of the project’s progress.

Grant awards such as this are usually considered taxable income to the recipient, at least in any amount in excess of the project’s costs. We will send both you and the IRS a form 1099 MISC documenting the grant payments.
Submission Instructions
If your project fits our criteria, please follow these instructions to be considered for funding.
Artists may submit up to two (2) proposals. Full proposals will be requested if selected as a
finalist. Please submit the following information:

● Contact info (name, email, phone number, address)
● Letter of intent
● General information about the project
● A brief physical description of the project including space requirements
● A brief statement of how the project fits the mission and criteria
● One to three images showing how the project will appear (a rough sketch is fine at this stage)
● Some information about the funding you are seeking and a budget draft
(this is a rough idea of cost)
● (Optional) Listing of other resources or in-kind contributions towards your

Submit Materials: