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Managing Director





Apollo’s Fire seeks a dynamic, successful, experienced, visionary leader, who can take the
organization to the next level in terms of fundraising, strategy development, and board and staff
development. This is a full-time position, reporting to the Board of Directors.
The Managing Director (MD) develops, leads, and works within an administrative structure that
supports and reflects the artistic excellence of an ensemble performing at the international
level. He/she collaborates closely with the Artistic Director (AD) to support AF’s artistic mission.
The MD is directly responsible for Contributed Income, and oversees the General Manager (GM)
who is responsible for Earned Income. Along with the Artistic Director, he/she is the public face
of the organization, focusing on donor and funder relationships in particular and community
relations in general. The MD works closely with the AD to communicate to donors and funders
the AD’s artistic vision as approved by the Board, and works closely with the Board in the areas
of fundraising and Board recruitment. He/she works with the CFO (part-time) to ensure the
organization’s fiscal health.
Through the MD’s own “hands-on” work and through his/her guidance and mentorship of AF’s
staff, he/she will build on AF’s untapped potential in the contributed-income area. The
successful candidate will be someone who (1) brings confidence and leadership to the job, while
also being open to learning new things quickly; (2) quickly grasps the organization’s artistic
priorities and helps Board members find their niche within that trajectory; (3) is comfortable
working in the international field, collaborating with AF’s European agents, publicists and record
label; (4) understands that national funding from outside Cleveland will be essential to
increasing AF’s contributed income overall; and (5) understands that a baroque orchestra is by
nature artistically driven.
The MD enjoys the support of a strong and efficient staff, including a highly experienced General
Manager (GM), who is responsible for artistic operations and earned income, and a part-time
Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who manages Apollo’s Fire’s finances, including cash flow, the
budgeting process and payables. It is expected that the MD will spend approximately 80% of
his/her time on fundraising and related matters, and approximately 20% of his/her time on staff
oversight and other duties as described below.

Key areas of responsibility are:
• Contributed Income – collaborate with individual Board members and the Ambassadors
Council to help set and meet the organization’s fundraising goals, including individual
donations, major gifts, corporate sponsorships, concert sponsorships, strategic media
sponsorships (CD recordings and videos), and tour sponsorships;
• Financial Health – continue to develop AF’s financial sustainability through an expanded
Planned Giving program by nurturing long-term relationships with donors, to achieve
the goal of increasing AF’s existing Cash Reserve to the equivalent of three months of
operating funds;
• Foundation Relations – oversee the Grant-writing process (primarily implemented by
the General Manager and Development Manager); provide input, participate in Grants
team meetings with staff; attend meetings with foundation officers and maintain close
funder relationships; seek out and build relationships with new philanthropic sources of
• Annual Fund – collaborate with the Board President, AD, GM and Development
Manager to write AF’s semi-annual solicitation letters; oversee the process for mailing
letters, receiving and tracking donations, and sending acknowledgments, all of which is
primarily implemented by the Development Manager.
Board Relations
• Attend Board meetings and spearhead Board recruitment (in collaboration with
Governance Committee);
• Ensure that agendas, minutes and other Board materials are prepared and sent to the
Board on a timely basis;
• Collaborate with Committee Chairs to ensure that all Committees are successfully
contributing to AF’s goals as defined by the Board;
• Lead fundraising strategies in collaboration with the Development Committee;
• Lead strategic planning in collaboration with the Board, Artistic Director and the General
• Staff supervision – supervise the Development Manager, GM, and CFO (other staff
report to the GM). Lead staff meetings in collaboration with the GM and hold annual
staff performance reviews in collaboration with the GM and AD;
• Human Resources – advise and support the GM in overseeing company policies,
including vacation, comp time, sick leave, maternity policies, payroll, health insurance,
• Budgeting and Finance – supervise and help prepare the overall budget each year in a
timely manner, and specifically prepare the Development and Special Events budgets;
collaborate with the GM, AD, and CFO to prepare the full institutional budget each year;
together with the GM, attend meetings with the CFO and the Finance Committee; these
meetings are led by the CFO and the Board Treasurer;
• Musician Relations – serve as a visible and supportive presence to AF’s musicians;
collaborate with the GM to arrange post-concert celebrations and other activities to
enhance the collegiality of the musicians’ community;
• Marketing – review marketing materials and advise on branding; collaborate with the
AD, GM, and Marketing Manager to design strategic marketing initiatives that
effectively communicate the AD’s artistic vision for programming.
Special Events/Community Engagement
• Special Events and Gala Benefit – provide strong and effective leadership for the annual
Gala and any other major fundraising events; recruit the Gala committee and select the
venue in collaboration with the AD and GM; oversee all other cultivation events, which
are implemented by the Development Manager;
• Attend community nonprofit/arts meetings and events, as representative of Apollo’s
Fire, as appropriate, for example: local public funding agency Cuyahoga Arts and
Culture (CAC), the regional advocacy and research organization Arts Cleveland, the
Cleveland Arts Education Consortium (CAEC), Cleveland Foundation annual board
meetings, etc.;
• Concert Attendance – attend 80% of concerts, including receptions; deliver curtain
speeches when needed; maintain a visible presence at concerts

Compensation: Commensurate with experience. Benefits include health insurance and
optional 403B plan.

• A proven track record of success in the following areas:
o non-profit fundraising, preferably in the arts
o special-event planning and execution, preferably including “gala” style events
o financial management, including development of annual budgets
o strategic planning, addressing the comprehensive long and short-term goals of
an institution
o staff management
• Demonstrated passion for the arts; preference for a background in orchestral music
• Bachelors’ Degree required; Master’s degree (in any field) preferred
• 3 years’ professional experience on the staff of a performing arts organization,
preferably an orchestra or professional chorus
• 2 years’ management experience (non-profit preferred)
• Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills
• Excellent writing skills; proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel
• A passion for classical music and attending classical concerts
• A strong collaborative attitude and a “can do” approach with a goal of superior results
on each and every task
• An automobile and a valid driver’s license are required

To apply:
Please send cover letter, resumé, and at least 3 references, via email to
This position is open until filled.