Development Database Coordinator

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Development Database Coordinator




The Development Database Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of gift processing for Philanthropy & Advancement Development operations.  This includes proactively analyzing Tessitura’s gift processing functionality and refining the system to support all facets of comprehensive gift processing and campaign reporting.  The Development Database Coordinator is responsible for data entry and the establishment of all policies and procedures related to data entry and gift processing, including acknowledgement, recognition and invoicing.


The Development Database Coordinator provides technical support and training to department staff.  The Development Database Coordinator represents the Philanthropy and Advancement Department on the cross-institutional Tessitura team, has shared responsibility for enforcing adherence to data standards and ensuring data integrity and assists with all patron account data entry and maintenance.

Technical Support and Training

§  Provide initial and ongoing training to all applicable staff and ensure that all team members have basic proficiency in Tessitura’s functionality as well as knowledge of data entry standards, policies and procedures.

§  Test various updates and upgrades to the Tessitura software.

§  Develop and maintain contacts within the Tessitura community to identify and share innovative uses of Tessitura. Participate in Tessitura conferences and utilize related webinars, online forums and other available resources for professional development.

§  Update Tessitura with various activities and information (e.g. benefits and direct mailing information, donor gift levels for program book.

§  Ensure the accuracy of the Tessitura database and complete updates, audits and maintenance on an ongoing basis, including creating and promoting events and activities

§  Identify best prospects for gift officers during the course of daily data entry

§  Complete donor research and prospecting

§  Review acknowledgements that are completed by the Development Operations Associate

§  Track Endowed Chairs and Naming Opportunities in Tessitura

§  Establish and ensure database “best practices” are used consistently by all Tessitura users and with all data processes for accuracy, consistency and reliability of information.

§  Represent the P&A Department on cross-institutional Tessitura team as well as the program book production team.

§  Support Operations Team in compiling reporting and lists in support of The Cleveland Orchestra’s campaign efforts


Coordination Of Donor Gift Entry and Processing

§  Support Associate in all gift entry (Cleveland, Miami, web gifts, Telefund, payroll deductions, reoccurring donations, and all other contributions)

§  Establish, document, and communicate policies and procedures for gift entry and gift processing, including gift acknowledgements, recognition, and invoicing. Ensure organizational compliance with established procedures.

§  Ensure the alignment of donor contributions with the Finance Department’s requirements for accounting, auditing, and reporting.

§  Partner with the appropriate team member to ensure proper documentation when entering all gifts and pledges. Monitor the gift entry and progress of gifts received through internet and subscription renewals. Assist with gift entry processing as necessary.

§  Collaborate with I.T. staff to maintain and refine relevant codes/code tables related to gift processing in order to ensure accuracy in all aspects of data processing and comprehensive campaign reporting, including overall campaign reporting, specific reporting for annual, endowment, legacy and special fundraising attainment, membership information and program book recognition.