Cleveland Museum of Natural History - Education Artist Intern

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Cleveland Museum of Natural History - Education Artist Intern


The Museum’s Education Division serves over 235,737 people. Within this, school programs serve over 74,000 students, the Educator Resource Center (ERC) serves over 1,000 teachers, and the Smead Discovery Center serves over 67,000 children and families. As Education works to develop and update programs, we continually have a high demand for quality images and graphics, and as educators we always support working with students; so this is a win-win opportunity. The internship will be structured so that the intern is regularly working with 3 key areas within the Education Division. These sections include the Smead Discovery Center, an area of the Museum dedicated to early childhood and families; the Educator Resource Center, a unique lending library for teachers; and working with several Museum Educators for school program projects.

This role will involve working 2-days-per-week in the Smead Discovery Center using Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator:

Design signs for at least 4 Summer Show and Tell programs using our style guide and templates
Design graphics, instructions, and educational cards for our interactive Discovery Boxes
Design signs for puzzles, leaf rubbings, and other activities as assigned
Design a magnetic interactive for our magnetic wall and accompanying signs
Illustrate emojis that all match following our style guide for an interactive
Illustrate scientific concepts of interest
This role will involve working 1-day-per-week in the Educator Resource Center creating illustrations of existing dioramas of taxidermy specimens.

This role will involve working 1 day per week with Museum Educators working on illustration based projects:

Create original illustrations for a youth audience based on scientific and anatomical accuracy, including:Well-known Museum specimens, such as Dunkleosteus, Haplocanthosaurus, Balto, etc. that education can routinely pull from for programs and activity sheets
6 images of specimens in the Ohio Gallery for page 3 of the Inspire student activity packet
Inspire is an in-depth program involving all Cleveland Metropolitan 2nd grade students. The artwork in the activity packet will be used by almost 2,500 second grade students.

This position pays $12/hr, 28 hours a week for 9 weeks. In addition, you will receive a $580 stipend for completing the Arts Intern component of the program. Visit the Program Details page for more information.