Call for Scripts - Virtual PLAYground 2021

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Call for Scripts - Virtual PLAYground 2021




PLAYground gives Cleveland-area writers of all experience levels a chance to produce their original works for children at Talespinner! Playwrights sixteen and older are invited to submit scripts that will be considered for a staged reading brought to life via Zoom by a team of professional artists. PLAYground scripts may be considered for a future, fully staged production at TCT. We’ve had the pleasure of fully producing three productions from previous years of PLAYground!

Are you interested in submitting a script?

Deadline:  March 1st, 2021

Submit: A preliminary script, with a list of characters, and a synopsis. It is understood that re-writes will happen between acceptance and rehearsals, but any major changes must be approved by TCT. All major changes to character must be completed by April 1st, 2021 so that casting can begin at that time. Please make sure that your name and contact information–including email–is printed clearly on the front page of the submission. Submissions not clearly labeled will not be considered.



  • Writers must be based in the Cleveland area. Out of state or out of region submissions will not be accepted for this program. (Please feel free to contact TCT at the email address below if you would like to know if your area is included.)
  • Writers must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Scripts must be an adaptation of, or based on, an international folktale, faerie tale, mythology, or work from another discipline (ie. ballet, opera, orchestra, literature.)
  • All materials on which work is based must be in the public domain. Scripts will not be considered if they are based on materials that hold current copyright.
  • All materials on which work is based must be noted for reference. (ie: “this work is based on the German folktale, Ashputel.”)
  • The script should need no more than 4 actors. (This does not mean only 4 characters! Puppets and masks can be used!)
  • Writers should be willing to work collaboratively with TCT and the artists involved in the program, and be available for all rehearsals and performances in the program.
  • Submitting writers can not have had a full production in any previous TCT producing season.
  • Folksongs or appropriate music can be included, but orchestration and instrumentation must all be able to be produced vocally, or with alternate, available, creative instruments. TCT does not use pre-recorded materials. Musical direction will not be provided, and links to source music must be provided by the writer, if indicated specifically in the script.
  • Scripts can be no longer than 45 pages.


Where to submit:

Electronic copy is preferred. Please send a word or pdf document to: with “PLAYground Script Submission” in the subject header.

Paper copy – Please send a clearly printed copy to:

Talespinner Children’s Theatre

PO Box 602036

Cleveland, OH 44102

Attn: PLAYground