Call for Playwrights

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Call for Playwrights





 Racial – Equity – Inclusion


I.  Information

Statement of Purpose

Considering America’s current social climate following the murder of George Floyd, there is a thirst for deeper learning and racial understanding. As well, there is an opportunity for relevant, engaging and creative offerings to identify and unravel systemic racism while working to build cross racial, social, trust. Karamu House has been at the forefront, answering the call to address social justice issues through theatrical offerings aimed to celebrate, educate and activate communities across the country.  Karamu will create new virtual productions to support existing corporate programming initiatives under the umbrella of racial equity, inclusion, diversity and belonging (REIDB).

Karamu requests playwrights submit 7–10-minute monologues, scenes or vignettes that illuminate racial equity issues based on lived experience.  Each piece should offer authentic and complex perspectives of BIPOC (Black, indigenous, people of color) navigating a society entrenched in systemic racism and oppression.


Project goals:

  1. Curate meaningful and impactful (theatrical) experiences to support racial equity, inclusion, diversity and belonging.
  2. Stimulate fresh and enlightened perspectives about race that identify and unravel systemic racism.
  3. Activate and empower participants to cultivate relationships that lead to social trust (e.g., voting in the interests of others, taking intentional action on behalf of other racial groups etc.).



II.  Guidelines and Considerations

  • Writings may be based upon 1) Personal experience or the experience of a family member, acquaintance, or friend. 2) Playwright’s knowledge of and/or research to learn more about one or more of the topic areas listed above (i.e., racial equity, inclusion, diversity and belonging). 3) Based solely upon the playwright’s imagination.
  • The piece will be used in one or more of the following formats: live (in person) performances, live (zoom or virtual) or pre-recorded performances and used as part of a workshop to educate through theatre, meaning the emphasis here is on the words, the director’s vision, and the actor(s) ability to tell your story.
  • Please ensure that pieces are between 7-10-minutes.
  • Playwrights should understand that the virtual production is a Karamu original creation. All intellectual property rights for movement, text, song, interpretation, and all other elements associated with the creation and performance of the piece will be the intellectual property of Karamu House.
  • If Playwright’s final submission is selected for use, the Playwright will be compensated $250.00 upon signing an agreement and $250 following receipt of the final draft.
  • The Playwright understands that full rights to the play will revert back to the playwright after 45-60 days after product development (unless an extension is negotiated and agreed upon).
  • The Playwright understands that Karamu will produce the selected submission(s) as stand-alone vignettes or tied together with other submissions when necessary.
  • Playwright shall receive billing credit in all programs related to the piece including digital and printed as contributing writer.

III.  Submission

Submissions should be emailed to:  Please use the following email subject line:  Racial Equity – First + Last Name.  Submissions must be received by 5:30 PM on April 30, 2021.

No telephone calls, please.