Call for Artists: Edith Stone-Jackson Scene Adaptation

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Call for Artists - DEADLINE :  
Call for Artists: Edith Stone-Jackson Scene Adaptation




This scene is to be adapted from the book, Heart Song by a writer that can interpret the subtle opening of the book and capture the emotions for the actors in script form.  Set in Detroit, Michigan a religious organization is having trouble finding a choir director when a female member relocates from Las Vegas, Nevada. She offers her musical training to organize a choir but is replaced by a male member from Ohio.  They both work toward this choir but have completely different strategies which leads them to support each other’s efforts. When challenges in their personal lives overwhelm them, they find solace in each other.

John, the male musician is the protagonist. Edith is the antagonist.  The story is aimed at a middle aged, African American audience to demonstrate the power of love amidst the all too familiar cycle of depression that occurs among African American women. Particularly vulnerable these women are abandoned at an alarming rate in the city feeling betrayed, unloved, incapable of reestablishing a home that includes a caring and honest male. But this story portrays sensitivity, hope, emotional support and friendship given through the ability of a loving male able to encourage the emotional and spiritual development of a woman flailing for relief.

Upon request the chapter for which the script dialogue is needed will be emailed to applicants. Those selected to be used will be expected to consider adapting the entire book in 2023 to a stage play.  That will include working as a team with musicians, properties, actors and producers.


Please provide salary range, if applicable: Completed dialogue selected for one scene, 10 to 20 minutes, 2 to 5 actors is a $50 stipend.